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Welcome to Cruise for Your Charity!

Cruise for Your Charity’s Lifestyle Charitable Giving program makes a donation to your special charity in your name every time you book a cruise through Cruise for Your Charity. The donation is made one month after the cruise is completed. Your charity receives a donation. The amounts range from $50 to $1,300+. Determining the amount has 3 factors. The first is the type of cruise whether a standard cruise, a custom cruise or an accompanied group’s cruise. The second factor includes the cruise line selected, the cabin selected, the length of the cruise, the time of year for the cruise, the destination plus the amenities and excursions selected. The third factor is the number of booked staterooms. All cruise packages include taxes, port charge, fees and trip insurance.

Donations come from our advertising budget. It is our business decision to donate to charities to reach those who have a cruise lifestyle, rather than do large advertising campaigns.

Cruise Lifestyle Charitable Giving adds meaning and pleasure to your cruise vacation knowing that you are helping people served by your special charity.

Start planning your charity cruise by filling out the cruise questionnaire.

A Standard Cruise

We define a standard cruise as the advertised published fare offered by a cruise line. All cruise lines have certain common characteristics. They offer convenience, service, efficiency, comfort, entertainment, restaurants, and a variety of destinations for one fare.

A standard cruise has a different meaning for different age groups with different interests. You have to consider life styles, disposable income, plus expectations of service and amenities. There is also the reason for taking a cruise. Most cruisers are interested in the destinations. Some people want to relax. There are those people who want an amusement park atmosphere. There are others that feel cruising is being transported to a care free world of luxury and total enjoyment.

Cruise ships traditionally have been viewed as floating hotels. While you are sleeping, they are steaming to your next destination or city. While sailing, there are pools, sun lounges, card rooms, libraries and other amenities to enjoy. Ships were designed to serve anywhere from 800 to 2,300 passengers.

Today, cruise ships, such as Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas, are being built to carry as many as 6,680 passengers. Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas is a city at sea. Take into consideration that the ship is divided into 7 neighborhoods. The Central Park neighborhood is a botanical garden with 20,700 plants. There are 25 pools, whirlpools, FlowRider surf simulators and waterslides on board. You round out the city feeling with a zip line, an ice rink, 2 theatres, 22 restaurants and 42 bars and lounges.

Some cruisers view these new ships as resorts at sea as is the case of Norwegian Cruise Line’s cruise ship, the Bliss. For instance, there is a go-cart race track, a laser tag adventure range, and a Broadway performance of Jersey Boys. The District Brew House offers over 50 different bottled beers and 24 draft beers on tap.

MSC shipping company is a family owned business and the world’s second biggest transporter of shipping containers. MSC is the dominant cruise line in the Mediterranean. It is not that well known in the US. In the last 2 years, MSC has expanded its US presence from one cruise ship to 4 cruise ships. It offers a European cruising lifestyle. Information is given in seven languages.

On MSC’s Seaside, cruisers experience Swarovski Crystal staircases, a Ferrari race car simulator, a full-sized bowling alley, a chocolatier, a comedy club, 9 restaurants, and 20 themed bars. The theatre features a different show each night on a seven night cruise. The Seaside is the first cruise ship to feature slideboarding technology, which combines a unique waterslide and interactive video game. We have not mentioned the pool areas for adults and children plus 2 Zip lines.

The most unique feature of the Seaside is the Yacht Club. MSC’s Yacht Club is a Ship with in a Ship. The Yacht Club is known for providing 24/7 butler service to cruisers in the Club’s inside cabins, balcony cabins and suite staterooms. The 184 cruisers have their own restaurant, pool, lounge, sundeck and complementary alcohol and non-alcohol beverage service. There is a private elevator to access the rest of the ship.

To understand the value of the cruise fare, compare the cruise fare versus the cost per day. Most cruise lines use the phrase “Fares Start At” in their advertisements. In cost per day list the amenities and features of the cruise along with non-listed items. Non-listed items include gratuities, taxes, fees, port charges plus possible service charges for specialty dining and drink packages.

Here are examples of the above. There is a more detailed cruise fare example in the Sample Custom Cruise Package on this website.


Fare for 2 People
Includes Taxes and Fees

Listed Fares
Start at

Charity Fare
with Insurnace


Yacht Club 5,441 5,981 200
Suite with Whirl Pool Tub 4,602 5,072 150
Grand Suite 3,982 4,452 110
Suite 2,662 2,950 75
Balcony 1962 2,250 65
Ocean View 1,662 1,872 50
Interior 1,302 1,512 50


Oceania Ocean View/OV Cabin Pacific Cruise

Luxury Ship OV Cabin
Pacific Cruise

Premiun Ship OV Cabin
Pacific Cruise

Number of Nights 18
Per Person Rate $6,599
Air Fare Included
Gratuities $288
Soft Drink Pack Included
Alcohol Pack $960
Specialty Dining Included
Internet Included
On Board Credit $800
Taxes & Fees Included
Total Cost $6,847
Cost Per Night $380
Number of Nights 18
Per Person Rate $11,300
Air Fare $1,004
Gratuities Included
Soft Drink Pack Included
Alcohol Pack Included
Specialty Dining Included
Internet Included
On Board Credit $350
Taxes & Fees Included
Total Cost $11,954
Cost Per Night $664
Number of Nights 10
Per Person Rate $2,258
Air Fare $1,004
Gratuities $218
Soft Drink Pack Included
Alcohol Pack $1,068
Specialty Dining $400
Internet $250
On Board Credit 0
Taxes & Fees Not Included
Total Cost $5,198
Cost Per Night $520

A Custom Cruise and Charitable Donation

When you take a custom designed cruise with Cruise for your Charity; I will make a donation, in your name, to your favorite charity.

The donation, made in your name, can range from $50 to $1,300 and even higher. The amount of the donation is based upon the length and destination of the cruise.

It also takes into consideration the price of the cruise, the cruise line, and the stateroom you choose. Amenities are also factored into the donation. There is one donation per stateroom. There is no preset donation schedule.

How Does the Custom Design Feature Work?

Each cruise booking is custom designed based upon your responses to our cruise questionnaire and follow-up conversations. A Sample Custom Cruise Package is on the website. It is an example of a cruise package price with a donation.
The Program is open to residents of the United States wanting to cruise anywhere in the world. Cruise for Your Charity can develop value packages with most cruise lines. Cruise ships can vary in size from small, luxury ships to Mega ships that offer something for every age group.
You can assign your donation to a favorite charity when booking a cruise. To qualify for a donation a charity must be a nonsectarian and nonpolitical 501(C)3 organization.
A check is issued to a charity, in your name, one month following the cruise. You receive the tax deduction for the donation.
If you want to discuss the Cruise for You Charity Program further, please call me at 212-710-2672. I am happy to answer any questions about how Cruise for Your Charity works. When you choose to move ahead with planning a cruise, complete and submit the cruise questionnaire on our website. I will call you to begin the planning process of designing a custom cruise for you. I will request a planning fee of $100, which will be deducted from the cost of your cruise at the time of your booking.

Accompanied Cruises

Cruise for Your Charity Accompanied Cruises begin in January 2020! I’m on each of the cruises as the “go to” person for questions, and assistance on-board. I bring the insights of a cruise travel advisor with the experience of over 50+ cruises. In addition, I have 35 years in the health and human services professions. And, I am also a Certified Accessible Travel Advocate. John Diczok, my partner in Cruise for Your Charity, will also be available to assist cruisers throughout each trip. John Diczok has traveled for business and pleasure both domestically and internationally. His financial services background includes both IRS and New York State income tax certifications plus other financial licenses.

Cruise for Your Charity Accompanied Cruises offer:

  • The personal features of a custom designed cruise package.
  • The financial and social benefits of a group package.
  • The companionship of others in the group.
  • Daily social meet ups.
  • Access to cruise ship activities for solo travelers and singles as well as couples.
  • The opportunity to cruise your way. But, also have companionship at meals and recreational activities.
  • The comfort of knowing you have seasoned professionals on-board that you can call upon as needed.
  • A donation, in your name, will be made to your favorite charity. You will get the tax deduction for this charitable gift.

The donation, made in your name, can range from $150 to $1,300 and even higher. The amount of the donation is based upon the length, destination, and price of the cruise. Also, the cruise line, the stateroom you choose, and your amenities are a consideration when determining the donation. There is one donation per stateroom. There is no preset donation schedule.

A check is issued to a charity, in your name, one month following the cruise. You receive the tax deduction for the donation. Your donation comes from my commissions as a Cruise Planners Travel Advisor and Franchise Owner.